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TREC Intro
TREC Intro

With a legacy of over three decades, we are a collaboration of three ambitious groups. United in 2014, TREC – is one of the most rapidly rising real estate builders in Mumbai, with a portfolio of 5mn sq. ft. Built on a foundation of a fascinating history, a vibrant culture and a billion plus aspirations, we are Experience and Expertise combined. We don't just create edifices that withstand time; instead we weave stories into our developments. All our real estate residential projects in Mumbai narrate a heart-warming story and that, is the driving force behind the highest level of professionalism we observe. Our values are what define us, our empathetic approach is the cornerstone to our success and we take pride in it. We ensure that our values are reflected through our words and actions and this makes us stand out amongst other real estate development companies,. Guiding the ambitious and professional team are three renowned and highly respected stalwarts of Indian real estate who have observed integrity, honesty and transparency in all interactions. At TREC, our belief in adding value to all stakeholders, makes all our new residential projects in Mumbai offer a product that caters to an urban populous that is aspirational and evolving.

TREC Reception Area

Our Vision

‘We exist to create spaces designed for real people, real lives, like yours’.

Our Mission

Our endeavor is to continue to be a people-first, customer driven real estate company that creates comfortable spaces that look good and feel even better. We will not only develop neighborhoods that evoke a sense of belongingness and pride, but will build an ecosystem for the urban populous that is visually aesthetic, contemporary and artistic. Firmly rooted in our principles we will continue to add value to all stakeholders.

Our Values

Creativity, Fairness, Happiness, Sensitivity, Responsibility and Truth.


TREC Management Team

Advisory Board

TREC Core Team

Our team comprises of talented professionals, equipped with technical expertise and extensive domain knowledge. We go a step further to stay true to the promise of delivery. We take our work personally and stand united in our mission. Brick by brick we innovate, evolve and add value to all stakeholders and the community at large. We always observe a strict discipline of transparency, integrity, ethics and honesty.

Sanjay Lulla | TREC
Sanjay Lulla
Head – Finance
Kunal Jogani | TREC
Kunal Jogani
SVP – Finance & Operations
Sandeep Jogani | TREC
Sandeep Jogani
VP – Operations
Karan Jogani | TREC
Karan Jogani
VP – Projects
Vishal Jogani | TREC
Vishal Jogani
VP – Projects
Rahul Jogani | TREC
Rahul Jogani
VP – Projects
Sonal Seth | TREC
Sonal Seth
VP – Sales & Marketing

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